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Residential Interior Design

The goal of Life Enhancing Design is create interior that reflects “who you are”. We believe that we are unique individuals and our firm’s mission to design residential interiors which support that individuality. Research continues to prove the interior design of space has considerable impact on how we feel, respond and cope with everyday life. These findings indicate the design elements which surround us can definitely influence our “mood, but these effects can often go unnoticed. Whil a “good mood” is synonymous with “good health”, the subliminal stress caused by environments incompatible with our aesthetic preferences or personality, can cause havoc to our health.  In order for us to be happy and healthy, a house needs to become a “home” filled with those things that bring us peace, happiness, comfort, a sense of belonging and connectedness. Dr. Dak Kopeck, author of “Environmental Psychology for Design” states that “Human beings are most satisfied in environments in which they feel a connection between what they see and who they are”. Therefore, in the initial phase of our residential design process, we focus extensively on the discovery of your particular physical, emotional, and psychological needs. We then interpret those needs by manipulating the tools of design and weave those requirements into your unique aesthetic vision. In this way, we can design a space that not only alleviates the stresses of everyday life, but provides peace, comfort, happiness and support for your optimum well-being.

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