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Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Interiors include a broad range of environments, from organizational work spaces to condo buildings, lobbies, restaurants and private offices. The main difference between residential and commercial environments is that residential spaces are designed for fewer individuals than the communal utility of commercial interiors. Therefore depending upon the particular public structure involved, the design protocol must be adapted to achieve the overall objective of the organization while meeting the needs of those utilizing the space. A well designed work environment boosts the moral of the staff members and, in doing so, increases overall productivity for the company. If the project involves a condominium building or office lobby, the aesthetics takes precedence in the design process. The goal is to produce an end result that appeals to a wide range of individuals while making a definite statement about whom or what that space represents. The similarity between commercial and residential interiors rests in fact the designed environment has a tremendous psychological, physical and emotional impact upon the individuals utilizing those spaces. Life Enhancing Design takes into account the totality of those effects upon human beings, while adapting the process to the particular structure we are designing on behalf of the client.

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